Meet the team

Cosima Prahm, PhD MSc BA

Head of Research Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Project Lead

Cosima Prahm graduated from the Medical University Vienna, Austria, in 2019 with a PhD in Medicine – Clinical Neuroscience. During that time, she was a research assistant at the Clinical Laboratory for Bionic Extremity Reconstruction and Rehabilitation lead by Prof. Aszmann. In Tuebingen, she manages and coordinates the laboratory and the various research projects and actively conducts research herself in both clinical projects and in the field of TechNeuroRehabilitation, where she also established the working group PlayBionic.

Email: cosima.prahm (@)

Joachim Merk, PhD

Physio and Sport Therapist

Research Assistant

Joachim Merk is a qualified sports educator and physiotherapist and works as a sports scientist at the BG Trauma Clinic and as a lecturer at the PT Academy in Tuebingen. He has worked for many years in interdisciplinary pain therapy and the rehabilitation of accident victims. His clinical research interests are the effects of physical and sports therapy interventions after severe injuries from work-related accidents.

Michael Bressler, MSc

Software Engineer

PhD Student

Michael Bressler finished his Master’s degree in Information Technology at the Technical University of Vienna with a focus on human-computer interfaces and user interface design. In his research, he mainly focuses on computer assisted rehabilitation, virtual and augmented reality, and serious games for health.

Heide Schwieder, MSc


Study nurse

Heide Schwieder is a qualified physiotherapist and works in the outpatient therapy center of the BG Trauma Clinic in Tuebingen. Her research deals with phantom and stump limb pain by patients after amputation. She also teaches at the PT Academy in Tuebingen.

Tanja Gohlke


Study nurse

Tanja Gohlke is an examinated physical therapist since 1999. Since 2011 she is working in
the department of plastic surgery at the BG Hospital Tuebingen. In 2013 she was certified as
hand therapist of the Akademie für Handtherapie (AfH). She accustoms studies examinating
patients with severe hand injuries using VR tools and the effect on rehabilitation process.

Prof. Jonas Kolbenschlag, MD MHBA

Vice Chair of the Department for Hand, Plastic, Reconstructive and Burn surgery

Director of the Research Laboratory A.R³.E.S.

Jonas Kolbenschlag graduated from the University of Heidelberg and started residency in plastic surgery at the BG Hospital Ludwigshafen. After becoming board certified in plastic surgery, he became an attending and subsequently Vice-Chair of the department of plastic surgery at the BG Hospital Tuebingen and the Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen. In 2021, he was board-certified in handsurgery and completed his Master of Health Business Administration. In the same year, he was also awarded the title of associated professor by the Eberhard Karls University. His clinical focus is on surgery of the peripheral nerves, reconstructive microsurgery and soft tissue sarcomas. Regarding research, his main interest is on microcirculation, peripheral nerve regeneration and neuropathic pain.

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A.R³.E.S. – Advanced Regeneration | Reconstruction| Rehabilitation of Extremities by Surgery
Department of Hand, Plastic, Reconstructive and Burn Surgery

BG Trauma Klinik Tuebingen, Clinic for Hand, Plastic, Reconstructive and Burn Surgery, Germany

University of Tuebingen, Faculty of Medicine, Derpartment of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Germany

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